Fall Forum 2010 Doorprizes

$50 Barnes and Noble Door Prizes
Pam Dillinger - Forest Park Middle School Library and Longview ISD Library Coordinator
Jackie Willingham - Cayuga ISD District Librarian

$50 Barnes and Noble Gift card - Whitney Jones - Forum hostess
Two $25 iTunes cards - Scott Floyd - Forum presenter

Ten $25 Walmart Gift cards with a challenge to win $50 more. Each winner was challenged to take the Walmart Card or an equivalent and use it to increase awareness of their library program. Then if these winners choose to add their advocacy idea to this wiki, they will be entered in the next portion of this challenge. An impartial judge from outside the East Texas area will select one winner. A $50 gift card will be given to the winner at the East Texas Library Summit on January 7, 2011
Advocacy Idea
Martha Blackmon
Rusk ISD
With so many students coming in and asking,"What's a good book?", our students need to share their reading experiences with others. So, using the bulletin board in the library, I plan to have students write the names of their book recommendations, according to genre, on tags to be placed on the board. Tags will be "starred" with a rating of 1 to 5 stars depending on how well they liked the book. Then, if a student is looking for something different to read, they can see quickly what book/genre is recommended by a fellow student.
Lou Ann Standard
Henderson ISD

Andrea Loyola
Carlisle ISD
I've thought lots of what to do with that money. We do the Six Flags Read to Succeed. So, I'm going to spend most of that $25 for 6 reasonably decent, good prizes (1st grade through 6th) - 1st reading log finished and hand delivered to the library for each grade level will earn a prize.

I'm going to spend about $5 on a package of pretty colored paper to print off tickets to come either before school or during lunch to "Read the Records". I'll do a lunch get-together every Wednesday (open library day with no teachers regularly scheduled in the library) by invitation only (I'll set this up with the teachers and principal of those grade levels). The before school group can come as they wish, first 20 in the door get to stay until the bell rings.
Jan Riley
Pine Tree ISD
I have been wanting let students create a "Library Scrapbook." I plan to use the gift card to purchase scrapbooking supplies that will stay on a cart in the library. Any student or group of students will be able to create a scrapbook page about a book they have read and I will add the completed page to the "Library Scrapbook." I will have the scrapbooking cart available before school and anytime students have free time they can come in and work on their page. This will be a fun way to enjoy a craft, encourage creativity and share information about good books.
Ellen Prince
Longview ISD

Vicki Clark
Quitman ISD
After lots of thought....I have decided to try Ann Broadway's Read it Forward, with my 5th grade students. I will use my $ to purchase prizes for our Book Wrap Up. I have chosen to use the book The Kid in the Red Jacket by Barbara Park. I am working on getting my activities together and ordering books. I think this will get my 5th graders reading and excited about sharing books.
Sandra Chesshir
Merry Christmas and Happy Reading! We decided to use our Accucut gift bag pattern and cut out gift bags for all the high school teachers, secretaries, administrators, maintance, cafeteria, etc.. With the $ I purchased card stock, rubber cement, Christmas stickers, gift tissue, candy etc. We will decorate the boxes and put a quote related to the library and fill with candy. They will be invited to the library to receeive their gift boxes. Our PR with our teachers, administrataors, and staff is so important as they support and help us get our high school students to "paws" read. The boxes are too cute!!!!
Kathy Boyd
Hawkins ISD

Vickie Burrow
Elkhart ISD
Last year we held a storytelling day that had fifth graders sharing stories with all the other grade level classes. This year I have decided to hold a Storytelling Festival Evening for our community. Notes will be sent home to parents and invitations will be sent to the local newspapers. Students, parents,and members of the community will gather one night this spring to listen to stories told by selected, prepared students (from various grade levels instead of just fifth grade), teachers, and perhaps some parents. Everyone will be encouraged to wear jammies and bring pillows, blankets, and/or sleeping bags. The Wal-Mart gift card will be used to purchase cookies, milk, cocoa, and coffee(?) for that night.
Susan Swinney
Pine Tree ISD
“Do you have any good books to read?” In an attempt to answer that age-old question, I used Sharon’s Wal-Mart gift card to help purchase prizes. In order to earn one of these prizes, students, teachers, and staff members were challenged to submit a book review to me for one of our library books that they have read. Participants filled in a form I made that included the book’s title, author, AR level and points, a brief review of at least 5 sentences explaining why it was a good book, and the reviewer’s name. The first 25 to submit reviews that met my criteria (spelling, punctuation, appropriateness, etc.) were given prizes.
Actually, each student reviewer received a prize of some sort. The students did not know the order in which the reviews were being submitted, and I felt their efforts deserved something. The teachers and staff members who submitted reviews received king-sized candy bars since a couple of them told me they would work for chocolate. Afterwards, a few of my student reviewers asked me if they could review other books they've read! Yeah!
The reviews are currently on display along with a pirate (Pine Tree pirates) who is demanding to know, “Arrrrr, Matie! Do you know of any good books to read?” Many of my students seem to enjoy the display and often ask me where to find the reviewed books. (Next time, I’ll include the call number on the form.) They seem pleased to see the names of their teachers, our staff members, and their friends on the reviews.